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Latest developments on Scladina VR tour game

This is the initial version of the VR game developed in Unity3D for the scanned model of the Scladina Cave. The user is able to navigate with the keyboard arrows and the mouse. Information pops up when the user passes through several spots.

DigiArt scans the Palace of Phillip II in Vergina – Greece

DigiArt drone expert scanning the Palace of Phillip II

DigiArt drone expert scanning the Palace of Phillip II

The Palace of Philip II at Aigai (Vergina) is one of the most prominent archeological treasures that we are trying to capture and transform into a 3D cultural world. During April 2016, a team of drone experts from the John Moores University of Liverpool flew over the Palace of Phillip II in Aigai, so as to capture a huge volume of images that will enable the full 3D re-construction of the site. These images are now delivered to Pix4D that will use its photogrammetry software to develop the 3D model of the site. Finally, this model will act as the baseline setting where the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory (mklab) will develop an engaging game for delving into the ancient way of life in the Macedonia of Phillip II. All the above are taking place in the context of the EU-funded project DigiArt that seeks for creating “The Internet of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds”.

4th project meeting took place in Greece

General assembly meeting in Greece

General assembly meeting in Greece

DigiArt consortium at Palace of Phillip II

DigiArt consortium at Palace of Phillip II

The fourth general assembly meeting took place at CERTH facilities in Thessaloniki and in Aigai museum facilities in Vergina. Apart from the usual project coordination-communication activities, the first footage from the aerial scanning of the Palace of Phillip II was presented, and the first version of the game for the Scladina Cave was demonstrated.

Web Editor development for modifying Unity3D games

Web Editor 3D latest developments

Using Three.js and various javascript libraries we are implementing an environment for editing a Unity3D scene. Software is not ready yet but here is a first taste.

– Add 3D model to scene with drag’n’drop

– Add 3D model on to of another 3D model

– Browse in bird view or first person view

– Delete 3D model from scene and undo delete

– Edit translation, rotation and size of 3D model

Simulated fly through of the St Paul Cave

Simulated fly through of the St Paul Cave at Scladina based on single UAV scan and a shape from motion algorithm

Digiart project video presentation


Canal C: La grotte Scladina numérisée en 3D

DigiArt scanne la grotte Scladina en 3D

DigiArt, un projet innovant destiné à rendre virtuellement accessible le patrimoine culturel et doté d’un budget européen de 2,3 millions d’euros.
Des universités, des sociétés privées et des musées ont uni leurs forces afin de développer une nouvelle façon de présenter les objets du patrimoine culturel en 3D grâce à la réalité virtuelle.

Le projet ambitionne de présenter des artefacts dans leur contexte via un environnement immersif en réalité virtuelle ou augmentée. Cette réalité virtuelle sera le fil rouge des histoires qui reconstitueront le contexte des objets. 

La diversité des objets et des espaces muséaux tests s’avèrent être d’excellents défis pour les ingénieurs qui devront fournir, dans le futur, un outil utilisable dans tous les musées. La numérisation du patrimoine passera autant par l’utilisation de drones/véhicules volants autonomes (VAA) pour l’enregistrement de sites de grandes ampleurs que par des scanners qui concerne la joaillerie fine

Innovate Connect Transform (ICT)- 2015

CERTH and Spiros Nikolopoulos had the opportunity to disseminate DigiArt and raise awareness for its goals and objectives in the ICT-2015 event (http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/ict2015-innovate-connect-transform-lisbon-20-22-october-2015) that took place in Lisbon, Portugal. This is the biggest ICT event organized by the European Commission and attracted more than 7000 attendants. During the event we had the opportunity to cluster and exchange ideas with relevant projects in the field, such as 3D-Pitoti (http://3d-pitoti.eu) and MUSE Project (http://www.muse-project.eu).thumb_IMG_2545_1024

Tour of Scladina Cave

The DigiArt Consortium enjoyed a tour of Scladina Cave during their project meeting in September 2015.

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